Mission Statement

The Trust Agreement establishing the Foundation provides that funds of the Foundation be used for “the promotion of education, the advancement of health and scientific achievements, and the prevention of cruelty to children.” The Trustors expressed the desire that the funds be used for such purposes “to benefit residents and persons living in the State of Utah.”

Criteria in Awarding Grants

In evaluating the applications the Foundation will consider the following criteria:

  • Whether the organization has a history of, or as a new organization, a reasonable expectation of, achievement, effectiveness and good management.
  • Whether the program, if successful, has a high likelihood of being replicated by other organizations, including government.
  • Whether the grant’s effectiveness will be increased by matching contributions from other sources.
  • Whether the organization is supported by United Way, ZAP or other foundations.
  • Whether the organization makes effective use of volunteers.
  • Whether the organization devotes a reasonable amount of resources to fundraising.
  • Whether the program has a reasonable expectation of establishing on-going financial support from other sources in the future.
  • Whether the program has established indicia to measure its effectiveness.
  • Whether the grant money is to be used for program as opposed to capital expenditures or overhead.
  • The economic, social and educational status of the beneficiaries of the program.

Grant Application

Completed applications must be received (i) no later than MARCH 1st to receive consideration by the Foundation in May, (ii) and no later than SEPTEMBER 1st to receive consideration by the Foundation in November.

Grant Application Instructions

Submit an electronic application (of each document)—of the proposed package of the completed Grant Application form and the Proposal Cover Sheet to the michaelfoundation@usbank.com. A legally authorized representative must sign the original application.

Complete application instructions and list of required documents are included in the Grant Application form.